As part of our new Topic after Christmas, Portals to the Past. We will be receiving a visit from a workshop called Portals to the Past. This visit will entail group investigation where the children will explore numerous informative displays, artefacts, games and activities, interspersed with interactive discussions.

Portals from the Past take health and safety very seriously and all the activities are age appropriate and safe.

We hope this visit will reinforce with your child the importance of the Past and stimulate an interest in history.

This exciting visit is happening on Monday 21st January 2018.

As it is an all day workshop, your child may dress up as someone from the following eras: Stone age, iron age or bronze age.

The cost of this experience is £7.50 and can be paid by via parent pay. If you do not have a parent pay account set up, please see the office who will provide you with an account. Please make the payment by Thursday 20th December 2018.

Thank you

Mrs Green and Mrs Pari