Important notice

The Rushy Meadow blogs will be unavailable from 4pm on Friday 14th June until late Sunday evening due to routine mainatiance. We apologise for this inconveinecne.

Learning Journey week beginning 17th June 2019

Topic – we are looking at our Key text ‘The Robot and the Bluebird’. The children will be collecting key vocabulary to help them create their own Robot character description.

Maths – we will be finishing off 2D shapes with symmetry and starting looking at coordinates and translation of shapes.

R.E – continuing to look at prayers in different religions.

PSHE – continuing to look at how our bodies will change during puberty.

PE – developing our understanding of the rules of rounders and putting them into game play situations.

Computing – we will be finishing off our powerpoint presentations on Robots using the chrome books.


The children will only have spellings to learn this week.

This is because they have completed their end of year 4 assessments and also the Government times table test.

We are very proud of how well they have performed.

Learning journey for week 2 – 10th June 2019

Topic – As part of the curriculum we are taking part in an Art Week – you will be able to purchase your child’s artwork in our art exhibition later in the term.

We are focusing on the artist Eric Joyner who is famous for his Robot paintings and use of perspective.

The children will be researching the artist and completing an artist study, exploring his art and learning the skill of perspective. Which the children will use to design and create their own Eric Joyner inspired art.

Maths – the children will be learning all about lines of symmetry within 2D shapes.

PSHE – we will be looking at Sex and relationship education. This will focus entirely on the scientific approach and will inform the children all about how their bodies will change.

R.E – looking at why people pray.

Outdoor P.E will be rounders. The children are practising the skills of throwing, catching and bating.

French – the children will be learning all about the weather.

Computing – the children are researching robots in preparation for their DT project, where they will be making junk model robots with an element of an electrical circuit.