Year 3 and 4 Easter Performance

Our performance is taking place on Friday 29th March at 2.30pm. Each child is allowed 2 adults to watch the performance.

A letter was sent home two weeks ago detailing the costumes that your child should wear. Please ensure all costumes are in by Friday 22nd March in order for us to complete a full dress rehearsal.

Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff if there is any difficulty with finding costumes.

This weeks learning 18th March 2019

Topic – we have been learning all about Boudicca and her rebellion against the Romans. We have learnt all about newspapers and are currently writing a newspaper article about the famous battle of Watling Street.

Maths – we are continuing to look at decimals and how to convert between decimals and fractions. As well as practising how to find fractions of amounts and simplify fractions.

PE – we are currently using our PE slots in the hall to rehearse for our performance on Friday 29th March 2019.

RE – conituing to look at Christianity and weddings.

PSHE – understanding the facts about alcohol and its effects on health.

French – continuing to learn the names of French sports and how to express our thoughts about them.

Learning journey 11th March 2019

Topic – We will be looking at the Roman Invasion and the rebellion of Boudicca. the children will be learning all about the features of a newspaper and planning and writing their own newspaper article about the Battle of Watling Street.

Maths – we will be addressing any misconceptions from the recent Year 4 maths assessments. We will also be looking at what decimals are, how they are made and the relationship between decimals and fractions.

PE – we are continuing to learn how to pass the ball in netball and to attack and defend the ball.

In gymnastics we are learning how move between the floor and apparatus safely and creating a routine.

RE – we are looking at Holy Communion.

PSHE – In our Healthy Me topic we will be looking at smoking. identifying reasons why people smoke and its effects on the body.

French – the children are continuing to learn the names of French sports and how to say they like or dislike them.

Computing – we are looking at how to use music software.


Maths – finding fractions of quantities

Grammar – mini quiz

Spellings – words ending in ch that sound like /k/

Reading – don’t forget to read for 30minutes a day and record your reading in your diary for your chance to enter the prize draw!