This week’s learning (w/b 20th January 2020)

Maths: This week, we have been adding and subtracting fractions with denominators. As well as this, we have begun to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers using bar models.

Topic: We have been planning and writing a newspaper article as if the discovery at Sutton Hoo had just happened.

Reading Comprehension: We read an information text about the Titanic and retrieved information from the text.

Notices and reminders

This week saw the opening of our school library. A special assembly was held by Mrs Lambert and the newly elected junior librarians. All classes got the opportunity to visit the new library and explore the wonder of books. Many children commented on the selection of books that are available.

Come and be nosy.

Come and be nosy is on Thursday 23rd January. Come and see a maths lesson and get a goody bag of things that you can do with your child to support them in maths. We look forward to seeing you then.